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Rome and beyond (May 2009)

01-Appia Antica - Caesar used this road 02-More Appia Antica - we loved this quiet refuge 03-Appia 04-Poppies grow wild here 05-photo
06-photo 07-Through Elena's window 08-Sara's apartment across the lot 09-Sara's beautiful flowers 10-Rene playing on the table outside Elena's
11-Sorrento, arriving 12-Inside our villa 13-Villa grounds 14-The broom they used to clean the area 15-Rene plays withAntonino's children
16-Sorrento 17-Villa grounds again 18-Barb coming out our front door--note lemon trees all over the place 19-Rene and newfound friends 20-Santa Lucia, our hosts
21-Gabriel varnishes the 20-foot table 23-Elena and Don at the pool 24 25-The estate next door had its clothes hanging outside to dry 26-Our front door-man, we loved those lemons
27-Positano Bay 28-Enclave in front of our hotel room 29 30-View of the bay from our hotel room, Don sick inside room 31
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Date: 2009-15-15