The sanctuary within

sanctuary is a place that restores us, nourishes us and give us a sense of peace. It’s a place where, no matter how bad our day has become, we can go, can be ourself, can be safe from the forces outside–where we can feel grounded, unhurried, and renewed.

But how many of us can stop in the middle of a day or a crisis and go find a sanctuary? But what most people don’t understand is that you already have a sanctuary in your life, you just rarely use it.

The sanctuary within is always available to us. Just whenever you’re at the doctor’s office or the dentist, or waiting at the grocery store, just go inside yourself. Sit, breathe freely and relax. Keep your eyes open but focus on something still and innocuous, such as a crack in the floor or the leg of a chair. Let your mind go and feel the space around you. Hear the silence expand into the space. Be quiet. 

You’re home now. You’re where you need to be. You’re in the sanctuary within.

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