A young man’s thoughts

By using her inate tool of curiousity Barbara discovers a unique event: the Cincinnati Reds, who play their spring training games here in Sarasota, are due to play the Boston Red Sox for the only time this year on Saturday, a mere 24 hours away. Both Jordan and Lesley (two of our children) are extremely excited about this coincidental juxtaposition of timing and baseball, so we call the box office to ask for tickets.

“All sold out,” says the saleslady. “Have been since January 21, when the tickets first went on sale.”

Rats. But wait! Now she comes out with a suggestion. “Come to the field around 3 o’clock tomorrow,” she says. “There’s always people around selling extra tickets.”

So we show up at 3 pm and drop Jordan off to score some tickets, if he can, while the rest of us drive off to look at some real estate. Five minutes later the cell phone rings. Jordan has scored four box seats at $14 each.

Man, I love spring in Florida.

That night we show up and watch the golden boys of the Red Sox take the field just a few feet away from us. Everyone around us is excited. This is living. Both Jordan and Lesley hit the cell phones to call friends. Their conversations inevitably start out with “Guess where I’m sitting right now…”

How could anyone guess? Back home in Rhode Island there is 7 inches of snow on the ground. Chicago, where Lesley lives, isn’t quite as bad, but it’s far from baseball weather.